Alzheimer’s Disease and You, How to Avoid Becoming a Statistic

Drs. Dean and Ayesha Sherzai

Description: Drs. Sherzai have recently written a book as well as been featured on Dr. Oz discussing how to keep your brain at its best. Do you feel as if your brain is in a fog?  Do you have trouble remembering details?  Then this breakout is for you.  The Sherzais will discuss nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and other ways to keep you functioning with your best mental health levels in years.

Looking Great (and like yourself!) Forever: Learn How New Medical Technologies are Regenerating Youth instead of Concealing Aging

Dr. Subhas Gupta

Description: Dr. Gupta has spent the last twenty years encouraging his patients to look and feel their best.  You can enhance and empower yourself through aesthetic procedures in ways never before possible using the latest medical technology including imaging, lasers, chemical peels, fillers, fat, and scalpels to create a naturally younger look. Dr. Gupta’s recent research has been centered in Precision Medicine as it interfaces with regenerative technologies in aesthetics personalizing beauty for every age with the latest technological and clinical strategies.  The latest digital technologies including artificial intelligence allow today’s expert Plastic Surgeons to customize a personal plan based on a woman’s current health and appearance – not just her “age”.  Learn how to customize a rejuvenation plan for you given your specific appearance, skin type, health, and goals.

Is Your Beauty Routine Making You Sick?

Justine Campbell: Alo Wellness

Description: Have you ever wondered what you need to know about what is going on in the beauty industry and how it can affect your overall health and wellbeing?  Justine Campbell, owner of Alo Wellness will tell you all you need to know about toxic chemicals and how they can affect not only your health but that of future generations!  The changes she suggests for swapping to “cleaner” options could be a game changer in your personal health journey.  She is also going to talk about how important food is to your overall health and how your beauty can be improved literally from the inside out.

Fascinators/Feather Hats Design Workshop

Marilyn Pace and Darice Lang

Description: Ever wanted to make something you can actually wear? This workshop will show you how to make a lovely feathery hat. The Royalty wear them to weddings, parties and funerals, now you will have one of your own, made by you, to wear to your most special events!

Grow Wings and Soar to the Vacations of Your Dreams

Nancy Sayers, Travel Planner / Dream Maker!

Description: Have you always wanted to know the secrets of how to plan great trips?  Nancy Sayers has made many vacation dreams come true.  She will talk about best places to go and when to visit them, how to find the best airfare and hotels to suit you and your family, and what you can do to make your precious vacation time as wonderful and affordable as possible. LET’S GO!

Women’s Health 101-Everything You Need to Know to Keep Yourself Healthy

Dr. Ron Johnson

Description: Dr. Johnson will talk about how to make sure you are getting all you need to know about your health, bone density,  breast screenings, blood pressure, cholesterol, fitness, hormones, pap smears, pelvic pain and more.  What are the latest studies saying about how often your exams should be done and what you need to watch out for between them?  Come with lots of questions! 

The Woman’s Brain

Dr. Dean Sherzai

Description: What does every woman need to know about her brain and how to keep it running in top condition as long as possible?  Dr. Dean Sherzai will present an overview of what you need to know and then open it up to the audience for questions.  Come prepared to ask this renowned expert your questions on brain health.

Mindfulness and Meditation-Tips and Tricks to Make it Work for you

Dr. Ayesha Sherzai

Description: Ever tried to meditate or live mindfully and wondered whether you were doing it right?  This is the breakout for you, come learn how these can be incorporated into your life to improve your overall health and wellbeing on a daily basis.

A Healthy Approach to Dining Out

Jason Holden, M.Ed., R.D., C.D.E.

Are your frequent trips to restaurants or fast-food establishments interfering with your health goals? Eating healthily shouldn’t feel like you are trapped in your own kitchen. We often need to dine-out due to travel, busy schedules or simply to unwind and reconnect with friends or family. Learning how to make healthier choices away from home is a key step to practicing a balanced lifestyle that is sustainable. In this interactive session, guests will learn tips, tricks and strategies to eat healthier while dining out.

Your Gut and You: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition

Dr. Brian Bull

Description: In recent years, it has been discovered that what goes on inside of your intestinal tract determines your overall health from birth to the golden years.  Come and hear all about the new findings and what you can do to impact your health now.

You are not Going Crazy, What you Need to Know for Every Stage of Your Life

Dr. Courtney Martin

Description: What do you need to know for yourself regarding possible mental health issues?

From childhood to childbirth, from mid-life to senior, what are the primary problems facing women in each age group?  What can you do early to avoid problems later one?  What signs and symptoms do you need to watch for so that you can enlist help when necessary?

Menopause/Hormones and More

Dr. William Patton

Description: What do you do when your hormones start to rule your life?  Come hear from and MD who has spent years helping women with their hormone issues, discuss the latest findings and learn your best options for treatment.  It can be confusing out there with bioidenticals, natural hormone

replacements and scientific studies recommending no hormones at all, so let Dr. Patton help clear things up for you. 

When Kegels Aren’t Enough, What you Need to Know About Your Pelvic Health

Dr. Bryan Hill

Description: We don’t often spend a lot of time thinking about what’s going on “down there” but when we have problems with incontinence or sexual dysfunction, it becomes a major concern.  Dr. Hill will talk about these issues and others and then open it up for questions you may have for an MD that specializes in these issues.

The Energy Lab Health and Fitness: One Day at a Time for the Best Days of Your Life

Jill Rooks

Description: Pause. Breathe. Slow down.  Look within, BE.  In this session, we will share, talk and walk away with simple steps to take life one day at a time.  In the end, our health and the energy we carry are the only things we can truly be responsible for.  We will visualize and create a picture of what we want that to look like and leave uplifted and confident to bring our images of who we are and how we share our gifts with the world to life!  Jill is a health coach, fitness trainer, best-selling author and owner of The Energy Lab.  

Grief and Loss-How to Cope

Dr. Carla Gober

Description: Dr. Gober is in charge of our Spiritual Life and Wholeness Center and started our grief recovery plans and processes here at LLUH.  Dr. Gober will discuss the different stages of grief and recovery and how best to handle these so that you can learn to cope with grief and be able to recover your personal wellbeing and move forward with your life.

How to Eat Fat to get Thin

Dr. Warren Peters

Description: Sounds impossible doesn’t it?  A lot of the new diets and weight loss plans incorporate a ketogenic diet that includes fat for optimum weight loss.  Far healthier than the Atkins and Atkins-like diets of the past, this includes healthy fats and uses fat for fuel to help your body burn calories more efficiently and achieve optimum weight loss without feeling hungry all the time.

Your Personal Weight Loss Journey

Drs. Kannappan and Scharf

Description: How do you know how best to start your weight loss?  What kinds of diets and how to use them to achieve optimal weight loss?  When should you consider surgery as your best option and what do you need to have in order to qualify for surgery?  Should you consider medication and at what point in your weight loss journey?  All of these and more will be covered in this breakout by one of LLUH’s weight loss surgeon experts.

The Brittle Truth: Osteoporosis Facts and Tips for Healthy Bones

Description:44 million Americans are affected by osteoporosis and 80% of them are women.  This session examines the causes of osteoporosis, what is done to diagnose it, who is at risk, and how to prevent it.

Female Cancer Myths Debunked

Drs. Yvgenia Ioffe and Mazdak Momeni

Description: What are some of the biggest concerns all women have regarding female cancers?  How to sort out the fact and fiction, what are some of the most important things you can do now to avoid becoming a cancer statistic?

Are Your Eyelids Ruining Your Vision? 

Dr. Jewel Sandy

Description: Drooping or sagging eyelids often occur as we age, and can affect both your appearance and vision. Dermatochalasis which is excess eyelid skin and Blepharoptosis an abnormally droopy upper eyelid are conditions that typically affects women age 40 to 60 and above. Get to know Ophthalmologist, Dr. Jewel Sandy and the options for treating drooping and sagging eyelids.

Longevity and You: How to Live a Longer, Healthier Life

Dr. Karen R. Studer

Description: Many of us have wondered what we need to know to live longer and more healthfully in order to have a better quality of life into our later years. Learn what you need to know about how to optimize your health now to make life worth living later.

How to Dress and Organize Your Closet to Maximize Your Health

Description: Stephanie from Presenting You will speak on how to dress when you have been ill, under stress, haven’t had the money or time to update your wardrobe, or have had weight fluctuations.  Most of us respond to stress, illness, difficult caregiving, etc. by letting ourselves go and many of us either lose or gain weight in the process.  Stephanie has created a business around helping women figure out how to still look good no matter how you feel or how much you weigh.  She will also give you tips for when you are shopping to make sure your closet will meet any need you have. Her makeovers will blow your mind.

What you Need to Know Now to Keep the Men in Your Life Healthy

Gail Rice and Judith Crabtree

Description: Men neglect to take care of themselves with lasting consequences to themselves and their families.  This means health care for them often falls on the shoulders of the women in their lives-wives, girlfriends, and mothers.  Come learn how to prevent the men in your life from becoming a statistic. Part of keeping your menfolk happy involves taking care of yourself.  Learn about some cutting-edge developments to keep yourself healthy so you are able live your life to the fullest.

Cardiovascular Disease in Women: Talking Heart to Heart

Dr. Purvi Parwani

Description: Women have a very high risk of heart disease, particularly after menopause.  This breakout is designed to educate you with everything you need to know about women and heart disease.   How frequently does it occur in women?  How different is it from heart disease in men? How it diagnosed and what are your treatment options?  What can you do now to prevent becoming a statistic?